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Lean Further Podcast

We are proud to have launched our podcast series, available on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Deezer.

Through our podcasts, we aim to make the unheard heard. We want to spread the experiences of our members, pioneers, leaders, mentors and friends to the rest of the world and share the inspiration we have been fortunate to receive from them.

Stay tuned for more interviews of inspirational women at different stages of their career, as well as more casual content from our team.

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Women Empower, brought to you by Lean Further

An interview of Julia Bismuth, LSE student and founder of Zed Originals

We are beyond excited that the first episode of our podcast series “Women Empower: By Lean Further” is now out on all platforms! This episode features Julia Bismuth, founder and owner of ZED Paris. In this series, we interview amazing women from various walks of life to offer you insights into their work, industry, and speak candidly about their life. In this episode, Julia shares her experience starting her own company as a first-year university student. 

This episode is currently available on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Deezer. Please don't hesitate to get in touch and let us know what you think! 

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