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What is means to be a member of this community

Who can be a member of this community?

Why should I become a member of this community

How can I become a member of this community

Membership: Get Involved
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Being a Member

"To me, Lean Further is simply spending time with my friends, while working to empower each other and others"

"Being a part of Lean Further means that I can play my role in the journey of women empowerment"

"To me, Learn Further is an opportunity to be part of a meaningful initiative that enables me pass on my advice and tips to those who are currently going through a similar experience that I went through in the past"

Membership: Who We Are
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Every woman within LSE is more than welcome to be part of Lean Further. No matter whether you are an incoming undergrad, post-grad or alumna, we encourage you to apply to our Lean Further community.

As long as you want to be part of a supportive network and are keen on helping and empowering other women within our community, Lean Further is definitely the perfect place for you.

Membership: Who We Are


Lean Further is not just a supportive network for women from different walks of life, but it is mainly a community that fosters long-lasting friendship.

As a member, you will not only have the chance to benefit from such a close network but also to give back and help out other women in need.

Members can enjoy exclusive opportunities including Socials, our Book Club, Podcast Team and much more. 

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Membership: Who We Are

Application Process

The application process entails the following few steps:

  1. Submission of the Application Form: You will have the opportunity to submit your CV and to explain your motivation to join Lean Further.

  2. Interviews: If you are successful in the first phase, you will be invited to 2 interviews where you will have the opportunity to learn more about Lean Further and its current members. Additionally, we will also have the chance to get to know you, your experience and motivation to join our community better.

  3. Membership: Given your successful interviews, we will be more than happy to welcome you as an official member of Lean Further.

Membership: Who We Are

We want you!

Membership: Welcome
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